We have clients both among companies operating in vehicle sales and mediation, and private persons. We transport new and used cars between Estonia and Scandinavia. We are also a reliable partner to any private person who wishes to transport a car which is purchased from Germany or elsewhere from Europe to Estonia. Our aim is to keep our fleet new and well-maintained to ensure a smooth work process and to save the environment.

What to know before ordering the carriage service?

Bringing a car to Estonia from Germany, Holland and Belgium is affordable and the transportation schedule between these countries is busy. Transportation from Southern Europe is rather expensive which is why it would always make sense to consult with the carriage service provider before purchasing a car.

– You should definitely inform the carrier beforehand if the purchased vehicle cannot be driven.

– Always check the background of the car seller. Generally, it is safer to buy a vehicle from a company than from a private person. The carrier is responsible only for organising the carriage but we are always happy to give advice.

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